Friday, July 17, 2020


Never lose your lip balm again. Attach a lip balm cozy to your purse, backpack, or key chain today! These cozies make great gifts & party favors, too!

H/8 (5.0 mm) crochet hook, ½ - ¾” button, 1” split ring, stitch marker, yarn needle, scissors

25 yards of Worsted Weight Cotton
Sample shown using Red Heart Creme de la Creme Cotton in Rally Red.

Fits MOST standard lip balm tubes 

4 SC and 4.5 rows = 1”


Stitch Guide 
CH – chain, SC – single crochet, SL ST – slip stitch, ST – stitch

  1.    There are photo tutorials on Page 2. 
  2.    The cozy is worked in a continuous spiral.  Do not join at the end of each round.  Use stitch marker to keep track.

Start with Magic Ring.
Round 1:  CH 1, 6 SC in ring, do not join.  [6 SC]
Round 2:  (1 SC in next, 2 SC in next) 3 times.  [9 SC]  *Weave in starting tail now, or crochet over it as you go.
Round 3-13:  SC around, do not join.  [9 SC]  *Make sure cozy fits nearly the entire lip balm tube. (See Pic A)
Attach split ring:  Work 3 SC over split ring, then SL ST in next SC.  (See Pic B)
Flap Row 1:  CH 1, turn, SC in next 4 STS (into the SL ST + 3 SC you worked over the split ring)  [4 SC]
Flap Row 2-6:  CH 1, turn, SC across.  [4 SC]  (See Pic C)
Buttonhole Row 1:  CH 4, turn, SL ST in last SC.  (See Pic D)
Buttonhole Row 2:  Turn (do not CH 1), work 5 SC into CH-4 space.  Pull yarn through last ST.  (See Pic E)
Finish off with an invisible join into side of Row 6.  (See Pic F)
Sew button onto front of cozy near Round 9.
Attach cozy to your keys, backpack, purse, etc.

Other Suggestions...
  • Try solid, variegated or self-striping yarns.
  • Acrylic or Wool yarns work well, too.
  • Change colors just after you attach the split ring for a 2-color cozy.
  • Leave off the split ring if you desire.
  • One additional round of SC should be enough to accommodate MOST standard lipstick tubes.
  • Use a bigger hook to make a cozy to fit extra large lip balm/lipstick tubes.
  • Try some fun novelty buttons, too!

© 2013 Danyel Pink aka Danyel Pink Designs.  All Rights Reserved.
This design, the pattern, and the images are property of Danyel Pink Designs.  The buyer may use this pattern for personal use and charity.  Sales of the finished items are also permitted with credit given to Danyel Pink.  No part of this document may be reproduced, altered, or distributed in any form, or by any means, without express written permission from Danyel Pink.


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