Sunday, February 1, 2015

Design Wars Medley Challenge & Yarn Review

I've had the pleasure of participating in the most recent Design Wars Challenge!
We were tasked with creating a new design using the new line of Medley Yarn from Red Heart!  My design is called the Eclectic Scarf, which is an oversized, hooded scarf that's super warm, cozy, and colorful!

I made 2 Eclectic Scarves... the adult size scarf was made with the colors "Volcano" and "Stained Glass", and the child size scarf was made with the colors "Energy" and "Eclectic".  My daughter loved the "Eclectic" colorway so much, that I decided to use it as the name of the design.  My favorite shade of this yarn is "Stained Glass"  it's mostly shades of dark blue with pinks, greens, and turquoise mixed in.

Medley yarn is SUPER soft.  I highly recommend it!  You will just love wrapping this scarf around your face... it's so snuggly!  This yarn would also work very well for hats, mittens, cowls, shawls, and pretty much any garment that calls for a colorful, bulky yarn.  Check out what the rest of the DW crew has done with their Medley yarn HERE.

I was able to find Medley yarn at my local Jo-Ann store, but if yours doesn't carry it, you can always buy some from  Give it a try!

My Eclectic Scarf will be available in my Ravelry Shop at the end of the Design Wars Challenge.  Head over there & add it to your favorites! :)

Thanks for stopping by!
 :) Danyel

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