Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crochet Tip: Better SC Ribbing

When working a single crochet ribbing for a garment, such as the edge of a hat or pair of mittens, try working the first and last stitch of each row through both loops. You will still get the ribbed texture, but the edge of the piece will look cleaner, and it will maintain its shape better. Also, when crocheting along the ends of the rows, you will notice fewer holes or gaps where the cuff meets the body of your project.  (Note:  When using this technique, the ch-1 at the beginning of the row would NOT count as a st.)

Here's a mitten made with a ribbed cuff worked in the Back Loops Only.
You can see how the edge of the cuff looks bumpy and unfinished.

Here's a hat I made using the technique I mentioned above.
The edge of it is a lot cleaner, and when I began adding the body of the hat to the ends of the rows, the little gaps you usually get were nearly invisible!

Try this tip when making your next ribbed project!
It will work well with HDC or DC ribbing, too!
Happy Crocheting! :)

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