Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10 EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Our Elf, Ted, is a pretty simple guy... he doesn't make much mess, or get into much trouble.  Don't get me wrong... I love looking at the creative, elaborate things other people's elves do, but we just don't have time for that!  So, here are Ted's first 10 "hiding spots" for your viewing pleasure.  Maybe it'll give your elf some ideas for the future.

We couldn't find the "Elf on the Shelf" book, so I emailed Santa... and Santa told Ted it was OK to come anyway.  We did finally find the book & my 7-year-old read it to us.

Ted helped hang one last ornament.

Ted loves candy!  Especially Candy Cane Kisses!

Ted was feeling shy... he hid way up on the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Hanging out by the phone.  Maybe waiting for a phone call?  Or maybe he's going to call Santa to tell him if you've been naughty?

Ted loves giraffes!  (HUG)

All elves love to play with toys!

A marshmallow martini... the kids ate them the next day.

Ted is a little conceited... but we don't mind.

The cinnamon pine cones are irresistible!

Merry Christmas!  
(If you love Ted's hat & scarf, the free crochet pattern is available in the previous blog entry!)
❤ Danyel (and Ted the Elf)

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