Saturday, July 27, 2013

Design Wars 4: The Yarn

It's that time again!  Design Wars 4 has begun... new faces, new challenge, new yarn.

For DW4, we chose Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby yarn.  I really like this yarn.  It's soft & lightweight, and has a nice stretch to it.  If you'd like to know a little more about the yarn, including where you can snag some, check out the DW Newsletter #6.

Two weeks ago, the 9 other challengers all started bragging sharing photos of their amazing yarn deliveries.  Liz even took a photo of her UPS man.  This stuff is seriously exciting!  Day after day, I anxiously stalked my front door, but my yarn didn't arrive.  I was really disappointed.  (I know, first world problems.  Boo hoo, I didn't get my free yarn.)  But I had to get started on this project, so I drove like 12 miles to Jo-Ann Fabrics to see if they had any left.  I know 12 miles is nothing, but I had to drive through a scary part of town & it took me like 35 minutes to get there... with 2 kids in the car. They had 4 colors left in stock, and they were in bad shape.  I had the cashier tape the labels back onto the tangled skeins.  (I know... Boo hoo... I had to go to the store with my kids & buy my own yarn.  DW is spoiling me! LOL)

So I got started on my design using what I had.  I assumed my delivery from RHY would be lost forever.  One of the other designers FINISHED her design & I began to panic a little.  Then 8 days after everyone else got their yarn... TA DA... mine finally arrived!  The box looked like it had been kicked more than a soccer ball, but thankfully RHY bubble-wrapped my yarn & it was safe and sound.  (Why do they bubble-wrap yarn?  I don't know either.)  I opened that box & I could hear the angels sing.  OK, I'm being a little dramatic, but I was seriously excited.  The colors are bright and beautiful, and the skeins are so soft and squishy!!
And that's that.  I'm working hard on my design for DW4, and I know you're going to love it.  I love it so much, I'm going to keep one for myself!  Stop by the Design Wars Facebook page... "meet" the designers for this round, make sure you sign up for the newsletter, get ready for the sneak peeks, and enter the giveaway!  You could win patterns from 10 of the best crochet pattern designers around!  (I'm not saying that because I'm biased... I really mean it!)
We couldn't do DW without our fans.  Thank YOU for your support!
♥♥ Danyel

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