Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013 Hat Donation

Every year since I began crocheting, I try to donate hats and/or money to charity. Before I even opened CSD, I did a "hats for cancer" challenge where every lady in our online group crocheted 10 hats & sent them.  (This is how I discovered my love for hat-making!)  One year I had a one-for-one sale... for every hat customers purchased, I'd donate one to charity.  Another year, I donated a percentage of my profits.  Usually, I gather up many of the "extra" hats I have in my stash (hats from pattern testing or that are "left over" from craft fairs or RTS sales) and I donate them to a charity.  In the past I have donated to several wonderful charities, including the Susan G Komen Foundation and Halos Of Hope.  
2008 - C models a hat I donated to SGK.
Yesterday, I rounded up 15 of my extra hats and 3 pairs of wrist warmers & I'm mailing them to Hats 4 the Homeless.  They give hats, gloves & scarves to the hundreds of homeless men and women in the NYC area.  I think it's a very generous thing for them to do, especially since it gets so cold there in the northeast in the fall and winter.  
2013 donation pile
If you have extra hats, scarves, blankets, or gloves hanging around in your stash, and if you have the means to make a generous donation to people in need, I highly recommend you box them up & donate them!
Happy Crocheting!
♥♥ Danyel

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