Monday, June 17, 2013

Hilariousness: Father's Day

Never a dull moment here in the Pink house.  These kids crack us up daily, so I'm going to keep sharing their hilariousness with you.  Who doesn't need a good laugh?

So as most of you know, yesterday was Father's Day.  I printed this survey for the kids to fill out.  My 6yo and 4yo took turns answering and filling in the blanks.  I laughed pretty hard about "hot sauce"... but I can see how they'd think that.  Dad puts hot sauce (sriracha) on almost everything!

It may also amuse you to know that when my husband goes to Dick's, my son says, "We're going to Dick's?  The one with the balls?" And we giggle like school-children EVERY time.  (Check out the Dick's logo... it'll make more sense.)

Then yesterday evening rolled around.  My dear husband was relaxing in his recliner & my daughter marches into the living room... and surprises us with this doozy...

4yo says, "Dad, it's Father's Day, right?"
Dad says yes.
4yo continues, "Good.  You can take a nap... (then whispers)... and never wake up."  Then walks away with a smirk.
Creepy much!?  Crazy kid.

For more creepy kid-isms... check out THIS list.

Hope you all enjoyed your dads, granddads & husbands yesterday.  Have a great week!
♥ Danyel

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