Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hilariousness: The Awesome Mom Game

Please make sure you read past the first paragraph, or you're going to think I'm a terrible mother... LOL

Last week, my husband was hanging out on the patio in our backyard while the children played on the swingset.  My oldest son yells over to him, "Dad!  Can you play the game with us like mom does?  The one where she punches us and pulls our legs and grabs us?!" And my daughter throws in, "Yeah, and she spits on us!"

I happened to be walking out the back door at this exact moment & my husband gave me a "WHAT THE F***" look.  I quickly looked around to see if any of the neighbors were out. (My hubby of course knows that I do not abuse our children, but this most certainly needed more clarification.)  So I SHOWED him that I hold the kids ankles and swing them high, then I try to punch (gently, for lack of a better word) their butts as they swing by me, and then I run up and HUG them while they're in mid-air.  And occasionally I'll blow a raspberry on their necks.

They love it.  All smiles & giggles!  They now call it "The Awesome Mom Game"... which really warms my heart.  We've also had a talk about how punching, grabbing & spitting on children is illegal... and if they keep screaming things like that for the whole neighborhood to hear, Mommy's going to jail.

Good times.
♥ Danyel

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