Monday, June 17, 2013

Hilariousness: Father's Day

Never a dull moment here in the Pink house.  These kids crack us up daily, so I'm going to keep sharing their hilariousness with you.  Who doesn't need a good laugh?

So as most of you know, yesterday was Father's Day.  I printed this survey for the kids to fill out.  My 6yo and 4yo took turns answering and filling in the blanks.  I laughed pretty hard about "hot sauce"... but I can see how they'd think that.  Dad puts hot sauce (sriracha) on almost everything!

It may also amuse you to know that when my husband goes to Dick's, my son says, "We're going to Dick's?  The one with the balls?" And we giggle like school-children EVERY time.  (Check out the Dick's logo... it'll make more sense.)

Then yesterday evening rolled around.  My dear husband was relaxing in his recliner & my daughter marches into the living room... and surprises us with this doozy...

4yo says, "Dad, it's Father's Day, right?"
Dad says yes.
4yo continues, "Good.  You can take a nap... (then whispers)... and never wake up."  Then walks away with a smirk.
Creepy much!?  Crazy kid.

For more creepy kid-isms... check out THIS list.

Hope you all enjoyed your dads, granddads & husbands yesterday.  Have a great week!
♥ Danyel

Sunday, June 16, 2013

CROCHET PATTERN - Emersyn's Baby Afghan

A college friend contacted me & inquired about having a lightweight crib blanket made for her daughter.  She told me her baby girl roasts at night & she wanted something light with "breathing holes".
So I took on her challenge & came up with this airy, lightweight afghan.  The whole blanket weighs less than 8 ounces!

There are a million afghan patterns out there, but I wanted something simple & fun to crochet.  

This pattern is just 2 repeating rows, so you can get into a rhythm & whip one up in a couple nights while you watch TV or sit on your deck.

SUPPLIES:  I (5.5 mm) hook, yarn needle, scissors

YARN:  I used Loops & Threads "Snuggly Wuggly" (approx. 525 yds)
Any soft sport, lightweight, or baby yarns will work fine.

STITCH GUIDE: DC = double crochet, SC = single crochet, ST = stitch, SL ST = slip stitch, V-ST = (DC, CH 1, DC) in same stitch

FINISHED SIZE: My blanket is 25" wide x 34" long. 

GAUGE: Approximately 8 DC and 4 rows = 2"

CH 88. (or any multiple of 3 +4)
Row 1:  V-ST in 5th CH from hook, *skip 2 CH, V-ST in next; repeat from * across to last 2 CHs, DC in last CH.  [28 V-STS]
Row 2:  CH 3 (counts as first DC), turn, work 3 DC in each CH-1 space across, DC in top CH of turning chain.
Row 3:  CH 3, turn, V-ST in 3rd DC (2nd DC of 3-DC group), *skip 2 STS, V-ST in next; repeat from * across to last 2 STS, DC in top CH of turning chain.
Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until afghan reaches desired length (ending after row 3).
Fasten off OR continue on for border.

You can do any kind of border you like, but this is what I did.
Round 1:  CH 1, turn, SC evenly around, working 2-3 SC in each corner, join with SL ST to 1st SC.
Round 2:  CH 1, SC in next, *CH 3, skip 1 ST, SC in next; repeat from * around, CH 3, join with SL ST to 1st SC.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

A scalloped or picot edging would look very nice on this blanket also.

Happy Crocheting!

♥ Danyel

 © 2013 Danyel Pink.  You may sell what you make, but please credit Danyel Pink Designs for the pattern. You may NOT resell the pattern, distribute it in any form, post it elsewhere online, or alter it to claim it as your own. Please provide a link back to my blog instead.  Contact me with any questions or for pattern support.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hilariousness: The Awesome Mom Game

Please make sure you read past the first paragraph, or you're going to think I'm a terrible mother... LOL

Last week, my husband was hanging out on the patio in our backyard while the children played on the swingset.  My oldest son yells over to him, "Dad!  Can you play the game with us like mom does?  The one where she punches us and pulls our legs and grabs us?!" And my daughter throws in, "Yeah, and she spits on us!"

I happened to be walking out the back door at this exact moment & my husband gave me a "WHAT THE F***" look.  I quickly looked around to see if any of the neighbors were out. (My hubby of course knows that I do not abuse our children, but this most certainly needed more clarification.)  So I SHOWED him that I hold the kids ankles and swing them high, then I try to punch (gently, for lack of a better word) their butts as they swing by me, and then I run up and HUG them while they're in mid-air.  And occasionally I'll blow a raspberry on their necks.

They love it.  All smiles & giggles!  They now call it "The Awesome Mom Game"... which really warms my heart.  We've also had a talk about how punching, grabbing & spitting on children is illegal... and if they keep screaming things like that for the whole neighborhood to hear, Mommy's going to jail.

Good times.
♥ Danyel

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's New at CSD?

Made myself a new logo...  just took the yarn ball thingy from the old logo & fancied it up with some colorful new text & a swirly frame thing.  I'm cool like that.

You may have noticed I've been playing around with the look of my blog.  I've decided I'm really going to put some effort into keeping up with this thing.  The background & stuff like that is just temporary, but I've included some new stuff to help keep you connected!  (1) There are now pages at the top... the most important one being the FREE patterns.  There's a list of all of the free patterns I've created.  No need to scroll through all the blog entries... they're all right there for your browsing convenience.  (2) I've added Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram buttons on the right-hand side.  I'm all over the place.

Now for some really important news... Beginning June 16th, I will be putting my patterns on sale!  One pattern a day for SEVEN WEEKS!  (I have over 50 patterns in my shop now!  Can you believe it?)  So I will be posting a weekly pattern/sale schedule here on my blog so that you can plan when to shop.  Coupon codes will not be required.  I'll just tell you where & when to shop!

PLEASE use the "Follow by Email" box over on the right.  Just enter your e-mail address & you will get an e-mail whenever I post a new blog entry.  This is the only place I'll be posting those sale schedules, so don't miss out!

Have a great weekend!
♥♥  Danyel