Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

It's been a pretty productive week!  The weather is slowly starting to get warmer (and less rainy) and that has seriously improved my mood!  I'm 32 weeks along in my pregnancy (baby #3 for those of you that aren't regular stalkers) and I'm feeling pretty good.  Thankfully crocheting helps keep my hands busy & doesn't hurt my back. :)

I got this precious photo from Little Canary Photography.
These adorable twins are modeling my new Trinity Beanie, available @

I added some Hair Spirals to
EVERY little girl needs some of these!   

I created these little monsters & added them to my AC shop... they're available in blue, pink, green, purple, and red.  They're super soft & crazy cute!! 

And you may have seen photos of my new Watermelon Beanie floating around on both sites.  You can purchase the pattern (all sizes included) from my CSC shop... or you can purchase a custom watermelon beanie from either AC or CSC. 

That's it.  Enjoy your weekend!!  :)

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