Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

I can't believe another week has gone by... Where does the time go?  I didn't do a whole lot this week.  I'm now 27 weeks pregnant, and my growing belly is preventing me from doing a lot of things I'd like to do... like putting on my socks without having to hold my breath... or removing a splinter from the bottom of my own foot.  Go ahead, laugh.  I'm pretty pathetic right now.  LOL :)

As far as crocheting goes, I did mail out quite a few packages & had a chance to whip up a few new things.  Here's the cute little blue bird hat I made yesterday.  THIS hat is RTS on my AmeliaCalvin fan page... but will soon be available in my shop.

I made a trip to the craft store this week & my son BEGGED me to buy this shiny orange yarn.  I really hate orange, but how could I say no?  I'm really surprised at how much I like this hat.  The yarn has a nice texture, a little shine & it's very lightweight.  The orange colors really make me crave a mango smoothie.  This hat is RTS on my AmeliaCalvin fan page too!

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