Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

I did a lot of crocheting this week, but didn't take very many photos.  I think I shipped out around 12 packages this week, and I'm almost AHEAD of schedule on my project list, so that's pretty good.  I see a few time-consuming projects coming up, and I just need to get them done.  I'm sure you all have a least-favorite item to make... for me, it's sock monkey hats.  They're so cute when they're done, but sewing all the parts on can be... well, it's not my favorite.  At any rate, here are a couple of things I enjoyed creating this week. :)

This little bear was made with a skein of thick/thin yarn I bought from our LYS.  They have small basket full of it in the corner of one of the rooms.  It really is a hidden treasure.  The yarn is so soft & the thick/thin ratio is just great.  You can order these handspun bear beanies in my AmeliaCalvin shop.

This little elf/pixie hat was a special request.  It's a version of the Stella Hat (pattern can be found in my CSC shop) but it has a slightly pointed top & a nice braided "tail."  I can't wait to see photos of this on a sweet baby girl. :)

In other news, I tried to make a "chore chart" for myself, since it works out pretty well for my kids.  I lasted 3 days before I gave up on it.  I just can't seem to get myself motivated.  I can keep up with the laundry and dishes pretty well, but everything else gets neglected.  I'm hoping that I get the urge to start "nesting" soon so I can give this place a good scrubbing.  LOL

Have a nice weekend... and I hope daylight savings time doesn't mess you up too much...


  1. Go to for help on getting all your chores done. She helps you find a way of getting it all done in little bits so you don't even realise you are doing it!

  2. I hate cleaning. I hope to marry a man that either A. likes cleaning, or B. can pay for a maid.