Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good Yarn Gone Bad - crotch feet

This item may be made from yarn, but it may not be appropriate for children.  
You have been warned... twice.

So I visited Etsy, did a search for "crochet boob" and these lovely genitalia slippers popped up.  I really don't know what to say about them.  I don't understand why anyone would make them, and... well, WHO would buy these?  And why was I searching Etsy for crocheted boobs??  Never you mind.

OK... I had a bachelorette party once.  Penis cake, penis ice cubes, flashing penis lapel pin... I get it.  Crotches are funny.  But a yarn penis and yarn vagina mounted onto crocheted slippers?  WHY?

To be fair, this particular seller also has boob slippers in her shop... and I thought those were kinda funny. Anyway... kudos to her for attempting to make them anatomically correct, and for not crocheting them inside out. *shrug*