Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom...

When we first found out that we were expecting baby #3, I wasn't exactly thrilled.  It happened shortly after I had finally decided that the baby factory was CLOSED.  OK, so I was wrong.  I had a little cry & had a brief "what are we going to do" moment.  I wasn't questioning whether we'd keep the baby, but we had literally JUST given away all of our baby stuff.  In fact, I gave the guy who was driving the moving truck our Pack-n-Play.  Anyway... I'm babbling.

Everyone we told was surprised, and seemed very excited... but I still wasn't.  Two people really helped get me out of my little funk with some helpful words of wisdom...

"Our kids are so awesome, consider this baby our gift to the world." - My Husband (who remained cool and calm while I was beginning to panic)

"Having another baby is wonderful. You will never regret having another, but you might regret NOT having more in the future."  - My Grandma (I'm the child of her 3rd baby... who was also a surprise, LOL)

They're both right.  :)

And I'm totally excited now... and I can't wait for our ultrasound to find out the baby's gender.  :)

My first 2 babies (in 2009)


  1. Oh Danyel, you have so cute kids and yes a baby is always wonderful even when it comes as a surprise :)

  2. I freaked when our 3rd child came too... now I honestly could not imagine not having 3 children. It just really makes everything complete :)

  3. Our third was the big shocker and my turning point... after 3 I just embraced it and now we have 6. each child just gets easier and'll have a blast.

  4. We also had the same surprise of the third child about 3 years ago now. I was so overwhelmed and was having problems with my diabetes and actually said a bad word as I put the pregnancy test on the back of the toilet and saw that it had turned positive almost as soon as I had let go of it. I usually don't swear so as you can probably tell I was more scared than anything. My hands were full with the 5 and 2 year olds I already had and I couldn't imagine or didn't want to imagine what another child would add to my crazy life. My husband was ecstatic as he wanted 4 kids and I was settled that 2 was enough. After about a week I got myself out of the funk and was determined to love this child and this pregnancy as if it were my first. Now, Ashton, our third is such a little angel and I honestly am so blessed I cannot even believe it.

  5. Danyel,I was a young mom..2 kids by 20..both very planned. I took a fertilty drug to get prego the second time. The doctor said there was no way I could get preg. again with using the drug and so we were...done. My husband came from a family of ended up being a only child.(3 sisters died) I wanted 6 kids...loved kids but..after having my second child I relized my husband had some serious problems and I was planning on leaving him. I wasn't feeling good,went to the doctor and BAM...I was 5 months pregnant. I have cried so hard in my life. My husband was over the moon about the baby but I wanted to end the pregnancy. Of course I was to far along and thank God I was. My 3rd.child,Amber is now 37. She is an amazing young lady,full of grace,love and beauty. She wasn't able to have children but has helped raise 4 stepsons. All 3 of my kids rallyed around their dad and me when we found out last Jan he was sick. It's been a sad year,losing him,then her dog of 13 years who was like her child. She is the child I can always turn too. She is my little rock,my blessing from God. Can't wait to watch you and yours welcome your blessing from God into your family. Sorry for the wordy comment. Hugs Liz Parsons

  6. there was a season in my life where I thought I did not want any more children. I am so grateful the Lord never listens to me because Eliana would not be here. She is my 7th baby and I just can not get enough of her.

    My eldest is 21 years old so yes I have alot but 5 of them are much older.

    Enjoy and cherish each movement!

  7. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I know sometimes things just don't happen according to plan, and I just had to adjust to the NEW plan. My 2 older kids are very excited about having a new brother or sister & that really helps too. :)

  8. I am so glad you are getting excited!! My first was "unplanned" and I remember how scared I was, but WOW, I cannot imagine life without her!!
    Not to mention, with the cuteness factor of your first two, your newest addition is going to be AMAZING!!

  9. I have 4 boys ranging in ages from 31 to 9 and not one of them was planned - however the last one was a very big surprise. I was 42 when I had him and there is a big gap in ages between him and my next youngest who is 21. Due to my age when I conceived we were worried that the baby would have birth defects but we were blessed with a healthy baby boy - though he is a handful - I am now 51 and homeschooling him and life never has a dull moment. But I would not trade him for anything. You will do fine and find new joys with the new baby.