Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom...

When we first found out that we were expecting baby #3, I wasn't exactly thrilled.  It happened shortly after I had finally decided that the baby factory was CLOSED.  OK, so I was wrong.  I had a little cry & had a brief "what are we going to do" moment.  I wasn't questioning whether we'd keep the baby, but we had literally JUST given away all of our baby stuff.  In fact, I gave the guy who was driving the moving truck our Pack-n-Play.  Anyway... I'm babbling.

Everyone we told was surprised, and seemed very excited... but I still wasn't.  Two people really helped get me out of my little funk with some helpful words of wisdom...

"Our kids are so awesome, consider this baby our gift to the world." - My Husband (who remained cool and calm while I was beginning to panic)

"Having another baby is wonderful. You will never regret having another, but you might regret NOT having more in the future."  - My Grandma (I'm the child of her 3rd baby... who was also a surprise, LOL)

They're both right.  :)

And I'm totally excited now... and I can't wait for our ultrasound to find out the baby's gender.  :)

My first 2 babies (in 2009)