Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekly Challenge #1 - Home Management Binder

I love making lists & organizing stuff.  This was a fun challenge for me & hopefully it will help keep all of my daily tasks in check.

In my binder are the following tabs:  Invoices, Weekly, Cleaning, Menu Plan, School, Birthdays, Contacts. I haven't filled out any of the schedules/lists yet, but I'll do that tomorrow.

The Invoices tab is where I'm keeping all of the invoices for my crochet orders. (Duh)  I figured I'd go ahead and keep my work & home stuff together in one tidy binder.

The Weekly tab houses the weekly household schedule.  We don't have a bustling schedule full of band concerts or sports games (yet), so this won't be too helpful to me, but will help get me in the practice of writing more stuff down.  HERE is the free printable I used.

The next tab is my Cleaning Schedule.  Some chores I really need to keep track of are laundry, dusting, mopping, and changing the bedding.  HERE is the free printable I used.

The next tab is for monthly meal planning.  I probably won't be able to plan out a full month's worth of meal ideas, but it'll be nice to see what we've had recently.  I want to try some new recipes & get a little variety in our lives.  HERE is the free printable I used.

The next tab is for the kids' school stuff.  My son is only in preschool, so this will be where I keep the newsletters & info about field trips.  This will come in handy a little more when they get older.

The next tab is for Birthdays. I printed THIS perpetual calendar so I could write down birthdays. I actually have a really good memory for people's birthdays, but my husband doesn't, so this tab is really more for him.

The final tab is a Contacts tab.  All of our important relatives, friends, neighbors, schools, restaurants, doctors, and utilities can be found here.  HERE is the free printable I used.

I would also like to thank Amanda from First Day of My New Life for sharing her compilation of free printables.  It was very helpful!!


  1. Great way to stay organized!

  2. This is really cool! I'm a total organized person, so I'm for sure going to start using some of this tuff! Thanks for sharing :)