Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Challenge #2 - The Launch Pad

A "launch pad" is an area in your home where you put your stuff for coming & going... like shoes, keys, purse, coats, etc.  We have a tiny foyer... OK, it's not even a foyer... we have a tiny "entryway" in our house, so this is naturally the place for our launch pad.  The coat closet is on the left & there is a small sofa table on the right.

This table is also conveniently located between the front door & the garage door, so it's the prime location to put shoes, purse, any outgoing mail, or anything else you might need on your way out the door.  My husband puts a stack of his clean army clothes on the stool in the corner each night so he can take it with him in the morning (they wear PT clothes in the morning & have to change into their work clothes afterward).  If we have company, those clothes get put away.