Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Me

Wow, I've really been neglecting this blog.  Sorry 'bout that!  I'll try to keep y'all posted more often!

My New Year's Resolutions are:
1. Finish paying off my credit card.  I paid off over $3000 of my debt in 2010, and I'm almost completely debt free again!
2. Get organized - I feel like I really need to get my $h!t together so I can keep up with orders, do more chores, play more with the kids, etc.  I'll also be spending less time on Facebook to help accomplish these tasks.
3. I'm starting a new diet/fitness plan.  I'm taking it month-by-month, but I'd really like to lose 25-30 pounds this year.  I'm using to track my food & exercise.  If you also use this site, please add me as a friend:  danyelpink

2010 was a pretty good year for me... here's hoping 2011 is even better!  Best wishes to everyone!