Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm not giving you the pattern for the base hat, but I do recommend using a SC pattern.  I highly recommend my "Pat Hat" Pattern, but you're free to use any pattern you like.

OK, so once you've made your SC base hat (ear flaps are optional), you'll need to mark the center of the hat where you'll attach the mohawk.  I just smash the hat flat & then thread a needle/yarn along the ridge.

Next, prepare your mohawk "hairs".  I've found that 4" hairs are just about perfect.  So I wrap the short side of a business card & then cut along the bottom to get a bunch of nice even hairs all at once.  You'll have to do this several times.

Now you're ready to start attaching the hairs to the hat.  I use a latch hook tool (got it for about $2 at Hobby Lobby).  If you don't have a latch hook tool, you can do it with a crochet hook.  I hold 2 pieces of yarn at a time & loop them between the SC stitches.  There's really no exact method to this part.  Just follow your center string & make the "rows" of hairs 3-4 stitches wide... or wider if you want.  It takes a little creativity near the top-center, but you really can't mess it up.  Pull the center string out as you go.

It's time consuming, but pretty simple.  And it looks AWESOME! :)  Enjoy!

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