Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 - Pantry

I cleaned out my pantry a few weeks ago (right after Christmas), but was amazed at how much stuff collected in there again.  There were only 1-2 things in there that were "expired", but there were quite a few boxes of food that I needed to consolidate into bins or bags.  Here's the "before" photo...

I had to make room for the baggies & wraps that I relocated from under the kitchen sink.  It's a pretty big pantry, but we have a lot of stuff!  I went to the dollar store & bought some bins to help organize the snacks, baking supplies, drink mixes, etc.  Other than that, I just organized the shelves into sections & lined everything up so I could see/reach it more easily.  Hopefully this will help make meal-planning easier.  Here's the "after" photo...

And just for fun... here's a photo of my husband's coffee bean collection.  LOL


  1. Looks great! Like the idea of clipping the chip clips on the shelves....

  2. Thanks. I have to give my mom credit for that idea. :)