Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5 - Under the Kitchen Sink

I was really hoping this challenge would be coming up soon.  My sink cabinet was a MESS.  There was a trail of dead ants under there from... who knows when.  (We have a BAD ant problem in this house.)  The host of this challenge recommends putting down shelf liner and hanging door organizers, but I don't have any... and this is a rental. I'm not putting any extra money into this crap hole.  Anyway, here's the "before"...

I took everything out, scrubbed down the bottom & sides of the cabinet.  Then I got rid of a couple bottles of cleaner that I never use, organized all of the bottles of hand soap (I'm addicted to yummy soaps!), and lined up all the cleaners so I can find them more easily.  I also removed the boxes of baggies, wax paper, and other stuff that we'd use near food... I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to store that stuff near the poisons anyway.  *smacks forehead*  After a good 30 minutes, there's still a lot of stuff down there, but it's MUCH neater.  Here's the "after" shot...


  1. It looks much more organized now. I was wondering why you had food baggies under the sink. I knew someone who kept their trash can under the sink. On the door in front of the trash can there was a shelving unit to hold all the tinfoil and plastic wrap boxes. Strange.

    Looks great though! I need to clean under my kitchen sink too. Plus, both bathroom sinks. Things just seem to collect under there.

  2. I guess it would be OK to keep baggies & tin foil under the sink if I didn't have poisons down there too... This kitchen has exactly 3 drawers & 7 cabinets. A lot of the stuff that should have its' own cabinet is stuck doubling up with other stuff. When we move, a nice kitchen with STORAGE is a must!

  3. That looks great Danyel!! Our house has a SMALL kitchen, but a lot of storage. It's one of those crappy kitchens that is just a kitchen, you eat elsewhere. Ugh! I hate it. But the storage... wow! I'll have to take a picture and post it, once it is clean of course lol!

    I've never heard of anyone keeping baggies, foil and wrap under the sink. That is interesting. I read your blog post out loud and when you said "*smacks forehead*" my mom laughed :)

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