Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 2 - Desk

OMG.  My desk was a MESS.  I hoard office supplies, so I had to force myself to get rid of pens & other crap that was just collecting dust.  Why did I think I needed to keep a box of business cards that had NONE of the correct information on them?  Why were there 3 staplers and 2 broken calculators sitting around?  And WHY were there 2 empty "2009" Christmas ornaments stashed under the pencil organizer? I don't know.  Here's the "before" shot.  Ugh.

And (almost 2 hours later) here's the "after" shot.  Much better.  I hope future challenges will help me get the rest of my bedroom/office/craft area cleaned up.  Note to self:  Throw more shit away!