Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 19 - Master Bedroom Closet

My closet wasn't TOO bad.  I am guilty of holding on to clothes I *might* wear again someday, so I tried on a lot of the shirts.  If they didn't even come close to fitting, I put them in the donate box.  Except for these 2 really cute pair of size 10 jeans.  I'm dieting/exercising, so hopefully they'll fit me again someday soon!  ANYWAY... here are the "before" photos... the left & the middle of the closet.  (Hubby's stuff is on the right, and I didn't clean his side.)

I organized my sweaters & stacked them on the shelf, folded all of my pants, hung up all my shirts & lined them up by style/thickness.  I put all of the purses on the top shelf & got rid of all of the extra junk.  I filled up a pretty big box to take to Goodwill.  The whole closet (well, my side anyway) took about an hour.  Here are the "after" photos...


  1. Our closet is a bit of a task... Same as you I'm guilty of holding on to clothes I *might* wear someday. If I actually got rid of them I'd have LOTS of room as I usually wear the same 10 or so shirts and have only about 5 pairs of pants. Time to let it go, huh? Keep up the good work!

  2. Looks GREAT!

  3. Congrats - it always feels so great when closets get more organized!