Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 17 - Mail & Paperwork Station

We don't really have a place where we stash our mail.  We usually throw out the junk, pay the bills right away, and take the magazines to the bathroom.  However, we ALWAYS seem to accumulate paperwork, crochet invoices, school projects, and other random stuff right on the kitchen table.  The kitchen & the living room are connected in our house, so that's where we do most of our "business" (like this blog, for example).  This is our kitchen table "before"... and it's been like this since before Christmas!! :(

I need to stop stashing yarn everywhere.  I cleaned up the craft area in my bedroom back on "day 10", so I put away as much of the yarn as I could.  I bought a standing file holder thing & 5 colored folders (1 for each member of the family, plus one for bills/coupons/whatever).  I threw away trash, put everyone's paperwork into their own folders, and wiped everything clean.  Four people can sit & eat at our kitchen table again without having to shove piles of yarn & school work out of the way. And the napkins & fruit bowl have come home... Here's the "after" photo...


  1. Thanks! My husband did a double-take when he came home from work today... :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how yarn manages to pop up in every room in the house? I put them all away, then they somehow find a way to travel back out again! Looks great :)