Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 13, 14, 15 - Medicine Cabinet & Under the Bathroom Sink

*Warning:  I'm a lady... and the bathroom sink is where I store my "lady stuff"... if that's TMI, please don't continue reading this blog entry.*

On Bowl Full of Lemons' blog, day 13 was "Medicine Cabinet", but we don't have one.  Day 14 was "Under the Bathroom Sink" and Day 15 was "Medicine Storage"... so I pretty much combined all 3 of these entries together.  I did need to organize under my sink BADLY, and I desperately needed to go through all of the medicines too.  It took me a long time to finish today's challenge & you'll see why... Here is the "before" photo from under MY side of the bathroom sink...

As you can see, I pretty much just throw stuff down there.  It was not organized at all.  Everything down there was sticky & NOTHING was full.  Every box & bottle was half empty.  There were 3 half-full boxes of tampons.  There's a drawer next to this cabinet that you can't see (forgot to take a photo of it) that was where we kept all of the medicine & the razors.  That's a safety hazard if I've ever heard of one!  I had makeup in 6 different locations.  I threw out all old makeup, all expired medicine, and anything that was just plain nasty.  I used the clear drawers & shoeboxes to organize everything.  I put the medicines & razors in a much safer location & that drawer is now the home for my curling irons & extra brushes.  And I must admit... I never thought I'd ever find myself organizing my tampons!  LOL!!!  Here's the awesome "after" photo...

If you're curious about our vitamins, those are in a cabinet (up high) in the kitchen. :)

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