Monday, September 20, 2010

Spending your craft money...

I know some of you sell your goodies online to help the family pay bills, and other totally responsible things like that.  I started selling stuff online so I could have some of my OWN spending money, as I imagine is the case for a lot of you (especially if you're stay-at-home moms, am I right?)...

So today's question of the day...

What have you been spending your "craft money" on?

I have purchased, in no particular order.... a Dyson vacuum, Asics running shoes, my Netflix subscription, a yarn ball winder, various clothes, "books" for my Nook, and some other random goodies from other Etsy sellers.  I also buy business cards & supplies with my "crochet money" (the PayPal debit card is my BFF) and I'm happy to say that I'm almost done paying off my credit card!! :)


  1. I spend mine on things for myself mostly. My awesome blue coach purse, clothing, and more craft things usually(like books/patterns/etc) I also use it as present money for my hubby. That way he NEVER knows what Im getting him and its 100% MY gift to him. I also support other crafters by buying far too many goodies ;)Then there is the shipping and supplies for the business.

  2. My craft money is usually just stuff for me! My big purchases have been a dressform & serger. I also spend quite a bit on fabric. lol I've also bought books, business items, & goodies from other crafters. :D

  3. I do some responsible things like every month I put $250 into my kids college funds. I buy them shoes and clothes and things for the house.
    Mostly though I reinvest in the business (of course) and buy stuff for my own hobbies (Horses, reef tank,pets, books, some clothing)

  4. I have been using mine lately for baby stuff! :) And stuff for Oliver. Also supplies and food. lol.

  5. Lots and lots of handmade Etsy goodies! I've purchased caramels, hats, yarn, hair accessories, booties, necklaces . . . occasionally I can sneak some in the checking account to help with bills and we also use it for purchasing Christmas gifts on other online websited that take PayPal. I use it for paying the Etsy bill, buying business cards, my postal scale, postage, and packaging materials.