Sunday, September 26, 2010

CROCHET PATTERN - Dinosaur Spikes

Add these simple dinosaur spikes to your favorite beanie, cap, or ear flap hat.  You could even sew them onto a store-bought hat if you wanted.  (I'm not giving you the pattern for a hat here, just the spikes... sorry.)

Need:  G hook (4.0 mm), some WW (size 4) yarn, yarn needle

Gauge:  Not important.

Note:  I work mine in a continuous spiral, but if you'd rather join at the end of each round, that's fine.

Start with magic ring/sliding loop
Round 1:  Ch 1, 6 SC in loop.
Round 2:  (1 SC in next, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [9 SC]
Round 3:  1 SC in each SC  [9 SC]
Round 4:  (1 SC in next 2, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [12 SC]
Round 5:  1 SC in each SC  [12 SC]
Round 6:  (1 SC in next 3, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [15 SC]
Round 7:  1 SC in each SC  [15 SC]
Round 8:  (1 SC in next 4, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [18 SC]
Round 9:  1 SC in each SC  [18 SC]
Slip stitch into next SC, then fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Lay your hat out flat so that you can see the ridge where the spikes should be sewn.  Use bits of yarn as place-markers, or just "eyeball" it if you're confident.  Then use a yarn needle & the long tail to sew the spikes on.  (FYI - the hat in the photo is toddler size & I needed 6 spikes.) Fasten off the tail securely on the inside of the hat & you're done.  Roar!

 © 2010 Danyel Pink.  You may sell what you make, but please credit Danyel Pink Designs for the pattern. You may NOT resell the pattern, distribute it in any form, post it elsewhere online, or alter it to claim it as your own. Please provide a link back to my blog instead.  Contact me with any questions or for pattern support.