Monday, August 23, 2010

QOTD - Time-Wasting Websites?

QOTD = question of the day

Besides Facebook and/or your shop sites (because I know most of my blog readers are fellow artisans), what website(s) do you spend a lot of time on?  Are there any sites I should know about that might keep me entertained?  Any good sites where I can find good sales?



  1. I spend wayyyyy too much time on Ravelry. Entirely too much time!!!

  2. Oh man I have a lot.. (its like twitter on crack)
    and blogs, team sites, etc.

  3. well if you are just looking to kill time, you can try single serve sites. Just google it. For stuff actually related to crocheting and such, etsy, artfire, and ravelry are your best bets.