Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

"I invented Post-its!"  Sorry, I had to.  I love that movie. :)

OK, "Post-It Note Tuesdays" is new to my blog.  I stole it from Scotti a.k.a. Inner Hooker... who most likely stole it from someone else.  Ha ha, just kidding. :)

So, this is how it works... instead of rambling on and on, kind of like I'm doing right now, I'll sum up a few of my thoughts on these fun little post-its instead.  Enjoy.


  1. LOL Love the post its I just might steal! :)

  2. Well, love Romie and Michelle!

    I definitely didn't make it, but it is hosted by another blog where you can link up. If you click on that first post it on my post it 'should' take you to the ladie's blog that hosts it :)

  3. Oh and PS...slow biking is better than the laying on the couch to watch True Blood like I did :)

  4. I added SupahMommy's "button" here to the left side.
    <--- :)

  5. just watching true blood counts as excercise for me. Eric gets my heart racing...mmmm yum!