Monday, June 14, 2010

Protect yourself from the Wrath of Etsy!

I've heard from various sources (one of them being that the Etsy admins are on a termination rampage!  They're closing down and suspending people's shops without warning for violating the TOS.  I just recently started checking into this stuff to see if the rumors were true, and unfortunately they are!  A friend of mine got her shop suspended for something that seems pretty silly!  :(  Please take a few minutes to review the Do's and Don'ts & make sure you're following all of the rules. 

Here are a few rules you may have overlooked... or just never though about:

1. Don't link your Etsy shop to any other shop or website where you sell similar items.  Duh.  That's like wearing a Target shirt to your Walmart job.
2. If you have a link to your BLOG on your Etsy page & your blog has an Artfire rapid cart, that's a no-no.
3. If you have a link to your FB fan page & your fan page has an Artfire Kiosk (or Payvment, Zibbet, etc.) that'll get you in trouble.
4. If you have more than one shop or profile on Etsy & you don't have a link to all your other shops (disclosure) on each one of the pages, you'll get in BIG trouble.  That's just shady & they don't like that AT ALL.  Back when I had 2 shops, I linked them b/c I wanted some of my CrazySocks traffic to venture over to my Label shop... it didn't work, but at least I wasn't breaking the law.  :)
5. You must not contact another member to buy or sell an item listed on Etsy outside of Etsy's marketplace. This may also constitute fee avoidance. (That's what your e-mail is for... )

So yeah, I've taken all of my links off of my Etsy page, and I encourage potential customers to contact me via E-mail instead of Convo.  I hope this info helps some of you stay safe from the wrath of Etsy.  They're really cracking down (or so I've heard).  I know most of us are just in it for some extra spending money, and I'd hate for anyone to get shut down. :(