Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kufi Beanies... a rant

These Kufi beanies are pretty popular right now!  But they make me sick. 

For example, look at this hat (I don't know who made this one... I just picked a photo from Google.) ---->

HUNDREDS of people sell hats exactly like this on ETSY... Sure, they're cute, very cute!... but they are NOT handmade!  They are mass produced by MACHINES, often in foreign countries.  And the flowers in most cases are bought at a store & then glued to a clip.  Which part of this is Handmade?  How do people justify selling this crap?

Why not learn to crochet them yourself?  The pattern is SIMPLE & you can offer them in many sizes and in hundreds of wonderful brands of yarn.  I'm not against people selling the machine crocheted versions... I just think they have no place on Etsy, that's all.

I do not mean any offense to those of you who sell them, or to those of you that buy them.  This is my opinion.


  1. I've herd this alot lately it is a very true point. Really it's a anything to make a buck with less work. ---
    Any handmade item people should take pride in all the work put into them
    I also never relized how competative people get about stuff that is handmade --wow there is alot of you copyied me you copied this and that--sometiems people need to relize it's not nessacaraly that it's just that like minded people think alike :)
    But that is getting away from the whole MACHINE made items we were talking about on here. Alot of people buy them cheap at places like Halo Haven and resell them. I guess people will relize if they really want QUALITY go to someone who puts their heart and soul into what they make :) Ok I'm done Ranting tooooo

  2. Thanks for that comment :)
    The "your copied me" thing is something I've been dealing with since I opened my shop. I used to really let it bug me, but I decided to let it go. There's not much I can do about it & I'm not going to let it bother me anymore. I just hope that people will choose to do the right thing.

  3. I agree and second all of the above- true artisans should be appreciated for the work they have created and stop all the "hating"

  4. What drives me nuts is when someone sees something on Etsy that they like, they contact me and I'm unable to reproduce said item for the same price. Well DUH because what they were selling was NOT handmade. Yeah they stuck a flower clip on it... but that, like you said, should not be on Etsy!

  5. Glad you said it! I've been wondering why these hats are allowed to be sold on Etsy? While cute, they are not handmade.

  6. I absolutely agree and that's precisely what drew me to you, your super cute HANDMADE caps! In fact, I've been so inspired by the talent I've found on facebook (where I also found you) that I'm going to start making crochet items for my daughter's hair salon that she just opened Monday! Now, I've got a looong way to go before I'll even think about something like Etsy, but seriously anybody can glue a flower to a cheap-a** cap they bought from China! That's just not how I roll!

  7. Do you know where one might get a free pattern to make these? I have been looking and can't find one.