Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kufi Beanies... a rant

These Kufi beanies are pretty popular right now!  But they make me sick. 

For example, look at this hat (I don't know who made this one... I just picked a photo from Google.) ---->

HUNDREDS of people sell hats exactly like this on ETSY... Sure, they're cute, very cute!... but they are NOT handmade!  They are mass produced by MACHINES, often in foreign countries.  And the flowers in most cases are bought at a store & then glued to a clip.  Which part of this is Handmade?  How do people justify selling this crap?

Why not learn to crochet them yourself?  The pattern is SIMPLE & you can offer them in many sizes and in hundreds of wonderful brands of yarn.  I'm not against people selling the machine crocheted versions... I just think they have no place on Etsy, that's all.

I do not mean any offense to those of you who sell them, or to those of you that buy them.  This is my opinion.