Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crochet Tip: Invisible Join

Sometimes fastening off your work with a slip knot can look awkward.  Here is an alternate method that you should use to avoid that ugly little knot ruining your beautiful work!  I didn't invent it, but this is how *I* do it.

I had just finished making a strap to go across the front of a newsboy cap.  You could also use "Invisible Join" at the back seam of a hat, the collar of a sweater, the edge of a dishcloth, or pretty much anything that's worked in a round..

Step 1:  In this photo the last stitch I made was a HDC (you could use this for SC or DC also).  Instead of finishing this piece with a SL ST, I just clipped my yarn & pulled it through the HDC.  Leave a good 6-8 inch tail for weaving in the ends.

Step 2:  Take your needle & thread it under both loops of the first stitch of that round. (as shown)

Step 3:  Now insert the needle down through the top of the last ST you made (where the tail was coming out before).  Pull the yarn so that the tension of your join matches the tension of the adjoining stitches.

Step 4:  Weave the tail of the yarn SECURELY into the wrong side of the work.  Look at the right side... No ugly knot. :)

Well done.