Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Give Your Mug a Hug!

I really wished I had made myself one of these this morning... I put my coffee in the microwave & when I took it out, I almost dropped the mug because it was so hot!

Mug Huggers are cute AND practical!  I really prefer my tea, coffee & cocoa to be HOT, but that means the mug gets hot too.  If I had made myself a mug hugger, I would've been able to take my cup right out of the microwave without a problem!

I make these mug huggers out of 100% cotton, so they will keep your hands cool (or warm if you put them on a cold drink), and they are so cozy!  You can slip one onto an empty mug, fill it up with your beverage & then pop it in the microwave.  The cotton won't get hot in the microwave, and it won't melt.  Also, it's absorbent so it will soak up any little spills or splashes, AND if you use it on a cold drink it will absorb the "sweat".

Mug huggers really are great!  Order one today!!  The pattern is also available in my shop, and it comes with a bonus coaster pattern!

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