Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Save your Soap... and Your Money!

These little soap saver pouches are fabulous!  I use one & I truly love it! 

- They can hold a whole bar of soap, and will hold even the smallest slivers, so you won't waste any!  When your soap gets down to the last sliver, just put in a new bar & keep going.  (I do recommend that you wash it with your towels once in a while though.)

- The soap saver is made from cotton yarn, so you can use it like a bath puff... insert soap, wash your body, then hang it up to dry. It's even soft enough for elderly people and children!

- Using a soap saver & a bar of soap will save you money... liquid soap is expensive!

- The soap saver allows your soap to dry completely in between uses, so it doesn't get mushy & gross.

- If you drop the soap, the soap saver will make it WAY easier to pick up!

See... what's not to like?  Click here to customize your very own soap saver today!